Email routing service for Wix

Introduction: What is email routing, and how can it help your business?

Email routing is a process that allows you to send and receive email messages for your domain, exactly behaving like an Email Hosting. This can be helpful for businesses that want to maintain their brand/domain’s identity for their client, keep email ids on their domain, and don’t want the hassle of maintaining so many email ids.

It’s easy to get confused between email forwarding and email routing. Email forwarding works only one way, but your brand/domain identity is not maintained when you reply to those forwarded emails.

On the other hand, the email routing that Mutant Mail provides is a game-changer. It does enhance email forwarding, and each email can be replied to while maintaining your brand/domain’s email id. Email routing helps you keep track of your messages and ensure that no important emails are missed.

As Wix doesn’t have an email service by itself, why not leverage the free plan from Mutant Mail to utilizing it for your domain’s email id.

How to email routing works

Email routing is a process that allows email messages to be sent to one or more email addresses. Still, the messages are delivered to a different email addresses. This is useful for individuals / small businesses with multiple email addresses but who want to receive all of their messages in one Inbox. This consolidates email messages from various sources into one Inbox.

The brilliant part about email routing with Mutant Mail is not the forwarding. It’s the reply.

The two-way routing makes Mutant Mail unique and desirable to many.

When you click on reply on the “recipient email id” for any email that Mutant Mail forwarded,

Mutant Mail will ensure the reply is received by your client from your domain’s email id. Thus masking your “recipient email id” completely. You can’t find the recipient email id when your client receives the email.

Thus maintaining your brand and identity when replying.

Benefits of email routing

The most crucial benefit of using an Email routing service like Mutant Mail is that you manage all emails from one Inbox (or more, depending on how you configured your routing in the Mutant Mail dashboard).

This ensures you don’t miss out on any important email. It doesn’t matter, which handle of your domain, the client sent it to.

Have you ever wanted to forward and reply to (maintaining your brand’s email id) emails sent to support you and your support team? Well, Mutant Mail lets you do just that.

How about ensuring that signatures and Display names are automatically associated with every email id? Well, that too.

Are you worried about spam, antivirus, and malware? Not a problem, every email on Mutant Mail passes through an antivirus check. If you still find spam in your mailbox, use rules to block emails at our server.

How to add Mutant Mail email routing with Wix, then?

It depends on how you have your domain configured with Wix.

E.g., if you have registered your domain on Wix itself. Use their DNS editor to add Mutant Mail records in there.

However, if you are using A and AAAA records on Wix and your registrar or DNS provider is somewhere else, you will need to use them to enter your domain.

You can find the required DNS records needed to attach with Mutant Mail by going to Mutant Mail dashboard > “Your Domains” > “Add Domain”.

Below DNS entries are required to be edited/added to your domain:

  1. Mutant Mail verification TXT record. This is used to verify ownership of the domain.
  2. MX records. For actual email routing, as done in the step above.
  3. SPF record. Suppose you use more than one server/service to send emails from your domain. You will need to merge the SPF record given by the Mutant Mail dashboard with the existing one. Remember, there can only be one SPF record per domain.
  4. DKIM record. We use CNAME for DKIM entry, and in case Route53 DNS editor is having trouble adding the record. Please check and delete any TXT record you might have for the same key.
  5. DMARC record. We enforce a quarantine policy for all domains associated with us if SPF or DKIM check fails for your domain’s email.

Once you have a verified tick mark next to your domain in the Mutant Mail dashboard, you can create email ids for your domain.

It’s a straightforward process. Navigate to the “Email IDs” tab in the Mutant Mail dashboard and click the “Add Email IDs” button.

Select the recently verified domain name and enter the email id you want.


In conclusion, Mutant Mail with Wix makes free email routing a breeze. You can easily manage your email communications and keep your business running smoothly with these two services. So what are you waiting for? Start using Mutant Mail with Wix today!