Why using an email id with Mutant Mail is better than email plus sign (+)


Email ID on Mutant Mail provides a layer of privacy and security for your email communications by allowing you to use different email addresses for various purposes. For example, you can use an email id for your email account and another email id for your work email account. This can help protect your privacy if you want to keep your personal and work emails separate or if you need to communicate with someone anonymously.

You can also use the email ID on Mutant Mail to protect your email from spam and malware. Using a Mutant Mail, associated Email ID for your email address can make it more difficult for spammers to find and target you. If your Mutant Mail, associated Email ID, or recipient email id is compromised by malware, you can swap them easily.

Gmail introduced email sub addressing, often known as the plus sign (+) technique, which is currently widely supported by all email providers. It enables you to create a new email address by simply appending the plus symbol (+) to the local part of your existing email id.

Suppose your email address is name@your_domain.com, for example. In that case, you may instantly create a new email address such as name+subscribe@your_domain.com for a newsletter or [email protected] for an affiliate program.

However, the biggest challenge of using the email sub addressing or plus sign (+) technique is that you can never reply from the same email id. E.g., if you signed up with [email protected], you can only respond with [email protected], which doesn’t give a professional look.

With Mutant Mail’s on the fly email creation system, you can adopt all the benefits of email sub addressing and overcome its shortcomings.

Email plus sign trick and are there any advantages of using them

One of the primary benefits of the plus sign trick is that it is simple to use and is already available. Only if, Email IDs were so flexible and ready to use without nuances of creating them. (Hint: Keep reading)

Email sub addressing is also quite beneficial if you are using email filters. In this case, you can create a filter that will automatically shift any emails sent to name+deals@your_domain.com to the Spam folder.

Sub addressing allows you to establish an unlimited number of email addresses by adding something after the plus sign, and you’ll have a whole new email address.

For developers and quality assurance professionals, the ability to instantly generate a new email account is instrumental when testing websites and applications.

Disadvantages of Email plus sign trick

When you use an email address with a plus sign (+), your messages are more likely to be blocked by spam filters. This is because many spammers use this same technique to get around filters. Additionally, using a plus sign can make it difficult for people to email your address in their contact list.

We faced this kind of plus sign (+) spam firsthand on our service at https://www.incises.com (Premium URL Shortener, re-target, and bio profile system).

Another one we see is your username (name) is permanently attached when using a plus sign (+), so anyone can figure out your real email id.

But the most challenging issue of using the email plus sign (+) trick is, how do you reply with the same email id? You just can’t.

A far better solution exists

The solution is Mutant Mail. It’s one of the best innovations in the email world that comes with enhanced email forwarding.

You can reply to every email id associated with Mutant Mail via your recipient email id. Your clients will never see/find your recipient email id.

There are many reasons why using an email id with Mutant Mail is better than email plus sign (+). First and foremost, Mutant Mail provides more security and privacy for your email communication. With Mutant Mail, your recipient email id is completely masked and cannot be read by anyone.

Like email plus sign (+), you can create email ids on the fly for any domain associated with Mutant Mail.

Another advantage of using Mutant Mail is that it is easier to remember than an email address with a plus sign. With Mutant Mail, you use your regular email address (e.g., [email protected]) as the recipient and create your email ids on the associate domain on the fly. This makes sending emails to your contacts simpler and faster, even with new email ids.

Finally, using Mutant Mail protects spam emails by ensuring all emails are from a legitimate Mail server, verified on SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records. Not just that, every email on Mutant Mail passes through an antivirus system to ensure no malware or virus is attached to an email.

Overall, using an email id with Mutant Mail is a great way to add an extra layer of security and privacy to your email communications.

Let’s look at these benefits in detail :

1. Easier to remember:

Email IDs associated with Mutant Mail are easier to remember than complex email addresses with plus signs. Most people prefer to use simple usernames for email ids overcomplicated email addresses (with the plus sign trick) because they’re easier to remember and don’t look complex.

2. Increased privacy and security:

Email IDs on Mutant Mail help protect your privacy by hiding your actual email address from potential spammers and hackers. For example, if you have an email id like ‘[email protected]’, it’s easy for a hacker to send spam to this address because spammers will know your actual email address ([email protected]). But on Mutant Mail, emails will become bob@your_domain.com, managed by [email protected], but [email protected] will not be shown anywhere. Thus, spammers can never find your real email id.

Plus, sign (+), on the other hand, gives up your email id immediately as your username is always part of your trick email id.

3. More organized:

Email ids on Mutant Mail can help you organize your email communications by separating work emails from personal emails. You can also use it to keep your email address private.

4. Find who is selling your Data

When you sign up for an email account, you likely provide your details and email address. However, did you ever stop to think about who is selling your data?

With Mutant Mail’s on the fly feature, you can sign up for easy service with a new email id. And still have the flexibility to reply/send via each of those email ids when needed.

Using a unique email for every service can quickly reveal which one is the culprit, that’s selling your email id to spammers, in case you start getting spam emails.

5. Better for branding:

Email ids on Mutant Mail can help you create a more professional image for your business or organization. It’s simple yet distinctive.

The email id on Mutant Mail is not tied to a single service provider but can be used for multiple purposes. This helps create a unified image and brand across the services of your choice.

Comparing this to the plus sign (+) trick, you really can’t have an independent email with its own identity.

Did we tell you Mutant Mail allows you to have your different signatures for each of your email IDs?

6. Bulletproof encryption:

Did we tell you that almost all the services store your emails in plaintext?

In case a mishap happens, and their servers are ever compromised, anyone and everyone can read your emails without breaking a sweat.

Does that sound scary to you? Well, and since the plus sign (+) trick works with them, it cannot add encryption on top.

However, suppose you utilize a service from Mutant Mail. In that case, it comes with industry-grade PGP and GPG keys, providing bulletproof encryption between the Mutant Mail server and Your recipient email id.

You need to bring your own PGP/GPG key and add it to your dashboard on Mutant Mail.

With PGP/GPG enabled, your recipient email id provider cannot read your emails and spy on you. You are making the system foolproof.

However, you cannot ever recover those emails if you lose your private key for PGP/GPG.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, using an email id with Mutant Mail is far better than email plus sign (+). Mutant Mail provides more security and privacy for your email communications. The encrypted email service is easy to use. It helps protect your data from being intercepted or monitored by third-party services. If you are looking for a more secure and private way to communicate, then Mutant Mail is the right solution.