6 Cold Outreach Tips to Double Your Response Rate

Have you chosen to begin cold outreach, or are you experiencing difficulty converting leads to sales through cold outreach? If that’s the case, this blog article is for you!

Outbound cold calls to prospects are cold outreach or cold email calls.

The bulk of cold calls is made by salespeople phoning fresh leads or prospects who have never been contacted. The sales team does this job to expand their reach. They are usually done in anticipation of a sales opportunity.

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Coming back to the point, According to MarketingProfs, cold outreach is the minor favorite part of the lead generation cycle for 71% of B2B marketers.

As a result, one of the most challenging difficulties that businesses confront is cold outreach. Hence, we list the six cold outreach tips to double your response rate.

1. You Must Do Research on Your Target Prospects

To succeed in your cold outreach for the business, one must research their target prospects. You need to find out as much information as you can about them.

  • Find out what is their level of expertise,
  • What are their needs,
  • What problems they have that your product can solve,
  • What websites do they visit?

You must have researched your target prospects; then, you must target them with information to help them decide.

Every sales professional has been there: You’ve just spent hours researching your client’s company and product. You’re ready to share your findings with a prospect over the phone.

But, as you get started with your introduction, you realize the prospect hasn’t even heard your name yet. Just as you begin to question your approach, the realization hits you, “Didn’t I just research this person, their company, and the prospect’s company?” You realize you need to stop talking and take the time to let that prospect know that you’ve taken the time to get to know their company before reaching out.

2. Let’s Get Right to the Point

Often, the subject line will give the reader an idea of what the email will be about. If your subject line solves their problem, your opening rate will likely be too high.

The subject line of an email determines roughly 40% of the email’s open rate.

Make sure the subject line is as descriptive as possible, but remember not to go overboard.

3. Use the Smart Outreach to Target Visitors to Your Website

Is your website’s conversion rate low? You’re not alone.

MarketingProfs estimates that 96% of website visitors do not make a purchase or fill out a form.

Marketers only focus on the 4% of website visitors who opt-in or sign up. However, you can segment your website visitors into different personas and use marketing automation tactics to target various personas through your email.

LinkedIn professional Nir Eyal explains that you can design completely different emails according to the different personas you’re targeting.

For example, if your product targets mothers, you can send an email with product promotions, while another email can help fathers deal with their children’s unruly behavior.

Remember, you can segment your email database by tracking your website visitors’ IP addresses, locations, and interests.

Accordingly, target your audience to reach your website visitors.

4. Make the Most of Automation, But Don’t Sacrifice Quality.

When it comes to outsourcing, automation is an essential strategy. But spending too much time automating tasks can negatively affect and ultimately cost you money. So, how do you know which tasks to automate and which tasks you should leave to humans?

The key to a successful, automated email outreach campaign is to A/B test it before you send it.

A test that sends emails to a handful of contacts or a small segment of your email list is a great way to determine if your email campaign is working.

But, should you choose to implement automated campaigns, there are some rules you should follow. Use these tips to get the most out of your automated email outreach campaign automation.

  • Target your outreach audience
  • Find email address
  • Put up a follow-up reminder
  • Send an email at the right time
  • Find the result with analytics tools

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5. Ensure that your Language is Conversational and Accessible

Just because you are writing an email doesn’t mean you should sound formal and stiff. Be friendly, casual, and natural. Use contractions like “you” and “your” and avoid using “we” and “our” unless your email is addressed explicitly to a group.

6. Video Emailing

You’re probably already using video marketing if you’ve been in business for a while. If not, it’s time you got on board. Video marketing is a fabulous way to keep your customers engaged between purchases. It costs a few minutes and a few dollars to post your video on various platforms. Getting started, or upping your video production, is easy.

Video content in email marketing campaigns has increased conversions by 80 percent. And according to an email Monday, including video in email marketing campaigns leads to 200 percent higher click-through rates.

But while many marketers are using video in email marketing campaigns, they’re not always doing it right. According to research from Visible Measures, only 13 percent of marketers use video in their email marketing campaigns.

Let’s see how to insert the video into the email;

  1. Use a static image in the play button
  2. Use the animated play button
  3. Design a faux video with the help of CSS animation
  4. Use a GIF video to engage better.


In conclusion, even if cold outreach is an accepted practice in the digital marketing world, it is an outdated strategy. Now, lead generation strategies are evolving at a rapid pace.

Nowadays, marketers are gaining mass visibility and brand awareness with the help of various digital marketing techniques.

One can start with a direct email (a cold email). But, before bringing any new leads into the funnel, it is necessary to choose the right channel, right message, and right call-to-action.

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Thanks for taking the time to read!