10 Fun Ideas for Your Next Email

Introduction: Why email matters and how to make your emails more interesting

An email is an essential form of communication. It’s quick, easy, and can be sent to a large group of people with just a few clicks. However, many people find email to be mundane and uninteresting. This article aims to show how you can make your emails more interesting and make them more effective at communicating.

Here are ten fun ideas for your following email:

1. Start your email with a joke or funny story.

Email is an integral part of communication in the modern world. We use it to stay in touch with friends and family, network with colleagues, and keep up with current events. But all too often, email can be a chore. It can be hard to think of something interesting to say in an email.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can make your emails more engaging by starting them with a joke or a funny story. Creating an email with something funny or exciting makes it more fun. It gives the recipient an incentive to read it. When you start your email with a funny or exciting story, the recipient will be more likely to read it. And when you send an email that is more fun to read, the recipient will be more likely to read it.

For example, think if an email starts with a joke about the weather. This makes the recipient want to read the email. It also makes it more likely that the recipient will read the entire email because they want to know what’s so funny about the weather. This email starts with a joke, gives it more personality, and makes it more fun to read.

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2. Include a link to an interesting article or video.

When you send an email that includes a link to an interesting article or video, the recipient will be more likely to read it. You can also include links to social media sites where your recipients are the potential to find interesting articles and videos. For example, you can include a link to a website that has news about the state of a particular industry or topic. You can also include a link to a helpful site that your recipients can use for free.

3. Include a personal message or note.

Have you heard of “personalized first line” or “personalized ice-breaker”? It is a technique used by email marketers to make recipients feel more comfortable and confident in opening the email. You can use this technique when you want to get your recipient’s attention, such as when you write an email marketing message that includes a personalized note. It instills confidence in your prospect that a human wrote the email. Fortunately, there are AI tools like Lyne and SmartWriter that can do the work for you.

4. Use a list or bullet point list to make your email more interesting

Emails can be tedious to write, but they can be fun and exciting with a bit of creativity! A great way to make your email more interesting is to use a list or bullet point list. This will help break up the text and make it more visually appealing. Plus, it’s a great way to communicate information quickly and easily.

5. Use a visual image in your emails, such as a photo or drawing.

Spice up your following email by adding a visual image. Images can add personality and visual interest to your email. They can also help to convey your message more effectively. Here are some ideas for using images in your following email:

a. Add a photo of yourself or your team.

b. Use a funny cartoon or meme.

c. Include a drawing or sketch.

d. Use a photo of a product or company logo.

e. Include an image from your website or social media page.

f. Add a nifty infographic.

g. Include a drawing that shows the work involved in the project you are writing.

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6. Use a hashtag in your email.

It’s no secret that email is one of the most commonly used forms of communication. A recent study showed that email is still the preferred method of communication for work-related tasks for people in the United States. While there are many ways to make your emails more interesting and engaging, using a hashtag is a great way to add fun and engagement to your following email.

Hashtags stand out in an email, making them easy to spot and read. They are also an excellent way for your recipients to search for the content you’re sending more easily.

Have you thought about using Hashtags for a call to action?

7. Use emoticons to make things more fun.

Emojis are so much fun! They are easy to add some personality and fun to your email. Use emojis to make your subject lines more interesting, or even use them in text copy!

Emojis are fantastic on the subject line to grab attention, especially in action-oriented subject lines.

One of our favorite examples is the CTA: “Ask Me About This. 🤔” It’s simple, but it’s also fun and engaging. The emojis make the email more attractive, which helps to build a better relationship with your reader.

8. Write a poem or song in email form.

Though unconventional, you are making your email stand out with a poem or song is possible. Please keep it short and straightforward, and use your creativity to make it unique. We all know we are driven towards some music. What if the first line of your email had a song or poem your prospect loves? It will help you stand out and entice your chance to read further.

There are ways to do this, from simply writing out the lyrics in an email to creating an entire multimedia experience with videos and sound clips. If you’re looking for ideas, there are plenty of prompts online that can inspire you.

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9. Let someone else’s email inspire you for your next one.

Emails can be fun and exciting to write when you have the right ideas. If you’re looking for some inspiration, why not check out someone else’s email?

You can find many great ideas for your following email by reading other people’s messages. Just make sure that you don’t copy someone else’s ideas verbatim!

Tip: If you’re finding it hard to develop ideas for your emails, then maybe it’s time to mix it up a little.

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10. Use a quote in your email.

One way to make your emails more interesting is to use a quote in your message. This can add an element of fun and creativity to your communications. Here are some ideas for using quotations in your emails:

• Quote a famous person.

• Quote something on-topic.

• Use an inspirational quote.

• Use a frequently-used quote.

• Quote a quote from a book.

When you send an email that includes a quote, the recipient will be more likely to read it.


In conclusion, email is an essential form of communication, but it can also be fun. You can make your emails more interesting and enjoyable to read by using creative ideas. So why not try out some of these ideas the next time you need to send a message?

Have fun with the following email you send!